Easy Weekend Project: Milk Carton Concrete Planters DIY

Photo: Erin Made This

This weekend project will have you digging through your recycling bin. Create minimal concrete planters using a milk carton as the mold and head over to the home improvement store to pick plants while you’re waiting for the concrete to dry.

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Barganier Masonry T2 Tumblr Feed via http://feeds.curbly.com/c/35111/f/649129/s/48feda15/sc/14/l/0L0Scurbly0N0Cusers0Cbrittni0Emehlhoff0Cposts0C173460Eeasy0Eweekend0Eproject0Emilk0Ecarton0Econcrete0Eplanters0Ediy/story01.htm
Barganier Masonry via http://barganiermasonry.tumblr.com/post/126692565544


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