Best Resources for Upgrading Your IKEA Furniture

Some people look down on IKEA furniture. I can somewhat understand why – people can end up with the same stuff, the products are a pain to set up, the quality is so-so. But the cost is what pulls me in! I don’t want to sacrifice my savings for my home decor. And while I love IKEA, I love it more for the fact that it is easily customizable. A coat of paint, a backing of wallpaper, new legs, and you’ve got yourself a completely different piece of furniture! Here are a few of the best resources for upgrading your IKEA furniture to make it your own!  

If painting isn’t really your thing, you can update your furniture by simply covering it with stickers and decals!  Choose from Mykea’s extensive inventory to customize a specific IKEA piece with hundreds of covers like this Pixels option for the IKEA MALM Dresser! photo: Mykea

Some of the pieces at IKEA are a bit low-to-the-ground for me. You can add some pretty pegs like any from to not only raise your dresser or footstool off the ground, but to also add a bit of color to the stark white that IKEA is known for! photos: via

I could spend hours talking about reclaimed wood and the beauty that it provides. It can be a bit labor-intensive to DIY your own wood upgrades for that IKEA kitchen island. Stikwood is the answer to all reclaimed wood problems. It’s a peel-and-stik installation system so you could update a piece of furniture in under an hour! I’m on board. Get it? Board? Because…wood.  photo: via Stikwood

Planning out your IKEA kitchen? I don’t blame you. The simple and clean lines (not to mention the price!) have me scheming out my own. If you’re not in love with any of the finished that IKEA offers, consider getting your cabinet covers from SemiHandmade! This walnut kitchen is currently at the top of my “favorites” list! photo: via Andreozzi Architects

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