My Little Brother’s Wedding

On the first day of August at 4:30 in the afternoon, my baby brother finally tied the knot and I got a new sister!  Tim and Jessica had dated for five years and right this minute they are basking in the sun on their Mexican honeymoon.  I am only slightly jealous.  yeah.  right.  I am SUPER jealous and wish I was crashing their vacation right now.  Talk about awkward family moments….hey guys whatcha doing?!  :)

Anyhoo….I thought that since I recapped my sister’s wedding and my own wedding so extensively…it was only fair to share some of the festive details of his big day!

Let’s start with my absolute favorite moment.  When he first saw her walking down the aisle, he put his hand over his heart and then teared up and held the sides of his face.  Oh dear lord and all the angels….it was so raw and so Timmy.  He is such a quiet guy….never one to put on a display just for attention…when he does something outspoken, it’s always with distinct purpose.  When he tells a joke, it’s because everyone will definitely laugh.  When he has an opinion, he speaks it only if it’s answering a question.  And this kind of emotion….it’s so rare that I haven’t seen it since he was small.  I lost it.

Their ceremony was held in a barn and they stood at the very end of it.  The dress she wore was gorgeous.  The lace was just beautiful and she skipped the veil and just wore pearls and super sparkly shoes.  Tim’s attire was very casual.  The guys all wore gray slacks and white shirts and Vans.  My brother was the Best Man and the groomsmen wore suspenders while Tim wore a vest.

The bridal colors were plum and teal and her bridesmaid/matron of honor wore the same dress in different colors.

The thing that surprised me the most was Jessica’s bouquet!  It was white lilies and so pretty with the mix of closed and opened blooms.  I would have never thought she would have picked it and I thought it was so casual and elegant!

Her girls carried purpley roses with teal baby’s breath and they were gorgeous in real life.  I captured this at the end of the night and wished I would have staged it to get the right color!

The guys all had matching boutonnieres.  This is my brother.  In suspenders.  You know its brotherly love when you wear something in front of your entire family that you would never otherwise put on your body.  Just saying.  That’s what weddings are for….proving your love through awkward wedgies situations.

Some of you were asking about what we wore….Jeremy has a lavender shirt from Banana Republic and my dress is from NY&Co.  The boys outfits were from The Children’s Place and their shoes are Walmart.  Max is wearing a shirt from The Children’s Place and his coveralls are from Baby Gap.  I recommend to boy moms all the time to get the slacks, shorts, and button downs from The Children’s Place because they are super cheap and the boys can switch up their ties or vests to make endless dressy combos.  For instances…the shirts are $6, the shorts $6, belts $3, ties $2, and the shoes $5.  That means the entire outfit is $22 and I just need to switch one thing to give it a completely different look.

Immediately following the ceremony, the guests were urged to the side of the building where there were rocking chairs and nuts and fruit and a bar area.  The photographer did all the family photos then and the staff reset the chairs for the dining portion of the event.  It was a nice transitional area….but I gotta admit that in the heat, majority of people were hugging the shade!

As you can imagine, it was CRAZY with four kids and after I nursed Max, I snapped some family photos.  And yes, my grandmother heard that it was a barn wedding and she wore boots and a hat :)  It was actually a genius move because then she didn’t need to worry about her hair melting in this heat.  Also…check out my little Ya-ya!  Isn’t my niece just the cutest?!  I got her that outfit and of course she looks more than adorable in it!

That’s LJ yelling at the horses.  Yes, there were horses and goats and chickens and a playground.  It was kinda perfect for my children because they thought we went to the zoo.

Speaking of horses….Will didn’t even bother pausing because the horses just needed the hay hand delivered to them.  He must have done this job for about an hour and a half.

They did serve dinner and it was topped off with cupcakes for dessert.  My boys of course stole them.  There is no chance I am getting food in their tummy when Nana is spoiling them with baked goods.

Speaking of Nana and baking….she made the grooms cake because she thought it would be fun.  I think she secretly just wanted to add to her motorcycle and four-wheeler collection.  Just embrace it mom.  It’s okay to say it out loud.

Apparently the mother-son dance was epic.  Like there was the tango….and something really funny….and mom probably hurt herself….I’m not 100% certain because Jeremy took these photos but seeing them afterward I was sure it was awesome.

One of the other details that I thought was really cute was the bridal favors for the guests to take home.

Jessica had gone with the rustic theme and filled these little jars with lemonade mix.  I loved that!  So cute and actually useful!

Since my boys were dressed up, I took this opportunity to try to snap a few pictures of them.  These are my favorites….

Seriously Will….stop growing.  This is the look he gives you when you say No, you can’t have my phone.  I think Tyra would be proud of the intensity in his eyes.  And LJ….try to not smile, mmkay?  Just kidding…keep smiling kid….never ever stop :)

And Weston….I have no words….y’all just pray for us okay?

At any point during the night, you could see about ten guys hovering around Tim’s exit strategy….

My little brother works as a wheel artist….that’s what I call it….he paints wheels for high end cars and then on the weekends, he works on bikes.  This bagger motorcycle is his current favorite.  He always has different ones that he scores for cheap and then fixes up to be these works of art.  My favorite one ever was his bat-mobile.  It was just so fun.

He and Jessica rode off into the sunset to House of the Rising Sun.  It was a perfect way to end the night!

I wish I could say that I really enjoyed the wedding….it was so beautiful and everything went without a hitch….but honestly, I think we probably should have brought a babysitter with us.  It was so hard to chase the kids who were chasing the chickens and crying because they stepped in horse poop and taking the time to nurse Max and eat and take some pictures and I didn’t even get to dance with Jeremy.  yeah.  bummer.  I guess I am at that age where kids are crazy needy….and next thing you know, I’ll be blogging about dancing with Will at his wedding.  Oh geesh….here come the waterworks.  Let’s change the subject….

Overall….so great.  I can really tell that Jessica worked really hard to make things so very nice and I gotta say that it was really beautiful.  I loved the casual vibe and the personal touches and the fact that you could tell that Jessica and Tim were both having fun.  I can’t wait to hear all about their honeymoon!  And with that, I am gonna wrap up wedding week till next year.  That’s when you get to hear about Jeremy’s brother’s wedding!  That’s right!  Torrey is getting married in February in the great state of Texas and it’s supposed to be an affair to remember!  AHHH!  Note to self….hire a babysitter for that one :)

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