Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Painters paint pens.  All opinions are 100% my own.  Thank you for supporting companies that support Bower Power.

The very first “redecorating” I ever did by myself was a total act of rebellion.  I was mad at my mom (like totally mom whatever!) as most thirteen year olds are and to show her how unfair life was, I decided to paint Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on the wall.  Yes.  I am full of mature responses in my teenage angst.  I created a three foot by four foot mural and I did it behind the door so that when my mom came in, she couldn’t see it.  Sneaky sneaky :)  I free handed the art based on the VHS cover and then filled it in with paint pens.  When my dear mother did discover my vandalism, she had the best revenge….she repainted my room, keeping my new wall-art and bought new decor and I lived with a Disney room all through high school.  Yes…it’s hard to be cool when you have Donald Duck staring you down every night.

But the point of this story is not that I lived in Disney World…it’s that my rebellion brought on my first true love of paint pens.

“Don’t worry Painters!  I am coming for you!”  Just a little Bachelorette humor for you :)

I have always been in love with paint pens so naturally when Painters came to me to ask me to fill you in on a big paint pen contest they are hosting, I was ridiculously excited….or maybe I should say GOOFY about this post.

So are you ready?  Here’s the deal.  Painters is hosting a monthly contest between now and December where you can make your own creations using Painters.  They are giving each monthly winner a prize valued at $500.  The Style by Aisle contest will have five different themes (one for each month August thru December) which are based on store “aisles”.  You and your other talented DIY friends/family can submit your homemade creations to their website.  On the website, you can even download a coupon for Painters products so you can add more colors or tips to your DIY/crafting collection.  So start getting your competitive edge going….we all want to see what you transform with your paint pens.  This month’s theme is Home Decor, Outdoor/Patio, Home Furnishings and even if you don’t participate, make sure you download your free coupon.  And don’t forget to tag your creations on social media with #StyleByAisle and #PaintersStyle

They sent me a blogger kit to show you how you can take something simple and make it beautiful!

This was a little side table I had in storage.  Jeremy’s mom gave it to us YEARS ago and in 2010, I gave it this cute little chevron pattern on top.  FIVE YEARS AGO.  Now you understand why bloggers are sick of chevron….it’s been around.

The front of the cabinet was pretty simple….little drawers and nondescript knobs.

I decided to paint the drawer fronts with a fun version of a favorite fabric that I found online.  I just squished all the drawers together and freehanded the design based on an online photo.  I eyeballed the pattern and even though it’s not perfect, the imperfections are hidden because it’s so busy.

I used a whole bunch of the Painters colors and each one was really great.  It was a mix of medium and fine pointed pens….it’s really important that the black one was a fine tipped if you want to tackle this project yourself.  The colors were brown, wasabi, sea mist, silver, red, black, violet, green, white, and golden sun.

Once the paint dried completely, I simply spray painted a fresh white coat of paint on the frame and then slid the drawers in.

I love how the design breaks up with the frame and it feels so fresh and cool.

The pop of color and the pattern is so FUN.  And since the inspiration fabric is very expensive, I would never be able to get it otherwise!

Aren’t the colors great?!  That’s real acrylic paint….markers can’t produce that kinda quality artwork.

My favorite part of the design is where the wavy lacy flowers meet the dragon.

That’s one fun before and after right?  And if you don’t feel comfortable free handing…it’s easy to print off a pattern and trace it on the surface of your project!

So now pick out your own piece and pick up your favorite colors at your local Hobby Lobby or Walmart or Target….and get to work.  It’s super healthy to exercise that artistic drawing part of your brain….I should know….Walt Disney told me so.  I mean, that dude made millions off his art!

Barganier Masonry T2 Tumblr Feed via
Barganier Masonry via


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