Nautical Numbers

This past Saturday my little brother tied the knot!  We funky chickened, stinky-legged and wobbled like it was 1999.  He and my new sister-in-law (!!!) had a small wedding in a rustic barn in north Georgia and it was so fun!  There were horses and chickens and even a playground so of course my kids loved it.  It was like a trip to the petting zoo, the park and a dance party all in one.  And to see my little Timmy get emotional about his vows was my favorite part.  I can just tell that he loves that girl so much and that is the best ever.  It gives me all the feels.

I was talking to my sister Nornie during the wedding and of course we had the discussion….if you could redo what you did for your own wedding, what would you do different?  Admit it.  I know you all have had this conversation except you annoying my wedding was puuurrrfect people.  Big wedding people wish for smaller weddings.  Backyard wedding people wish for destination weddings.  There are so many advantages to each kinda wedding and I love hearing what other people say.  Personally, I had a rather large church wedding and a very cramped reception at a different venue.  It wasn’t super fancy but it also wasn’t a laid-back casual event.

Jeremy and I say now that we wish we could have done a church wedding at a destination.  There are beautiful little chapels that would have been perfect with toes in the sand and the smell of coconuts and hibiscus.  When we returned home from the honeymoon, I would have wanted a backyard dessert reception with dancing to celebrate with the masses.  Oh the dream!  Maybe we will do it that way for a vow renewal ceremony :)  And I’ll have these table numbers ready!  There probably will only be like ten people there…so maybe I’ll use these as seat numbers instead.

You start with 1×6 scrap wood boards.  I cut them to be 10″ long and then marked my cuts for the angled corners.  On the top, mark it 1.5″ from the corner and on the side mark it 3″ from the same corner.  Using a straightedge, connect those two marks and then miter cut accordingly.  Do both sides and then drill a 3/4″ hole in the center top approximately 8.5″ from the bottom.

Repeat the same process as many times as you like…or as many tables as are in your dream wedding :)

Sand all the surfaces and don’t forget the hole.  I used the Rust-Oleum 2x Ultra cover in white flat to give them a quick coat on front and back and sides.

After they are dry, tape up some designs on your wooden bouys.  They can do a bunch of different looks and each one is fun.  I used Rust-Oleum’s Wild Flower Blue spray paint to do the accent color.  You could switch it up and do anything!  It would look great with gray or your dream wedding colors or if you just want to make these as home decor, you can use the colors of the room.

Once those get sprayed and dried, it is time for the number.  I used the traditional and cheap ones at Home Depot.  There are lots of modern looking versions out there that are super cute too.

These were fastened directly to the front and then I used a 30″ piece of rope to go through the hole.  I did a simple knot and I LOVE how they turned out.

I even staged one so that you could see exactly how it looks with a centerpiece (faux flowers from Dollar General!).  Looks so good, right?!

I love dreaming up ways to do wedding decor.  Seriously.  Maybe every year I should just do a wedding week where I do fun wedding DIY projects….even if nobody in my family is getting married.  That would be so fun.  And then I will be ready when Will is marrying Clara Petersik.  And yes, I will hold onto that joke till it is DEAD IN THE GROUND.  Don’t kill my dreams people.

Barganier Masonry T2 Tumblr Feed via
Barganier Masonry via


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