Updating our Guest Bedroom

Disclaimer : This post is sponsored by Lulu & Georgia.  All opinions are 100% mine. 

One of my favorite places to shop online is Lulu & Georgia.  It’s one of those sites that I go to if I feel too stuck or too neutral or too blah about a space in my home.  I can just browse their site and I feel so inspired.  Not only is it a great site for inspiration, but I can also score the freshest artwork or pillows or the cutest home decor and know that it’s on trend.  It’s one of the swankiest sites in all the land.  Seriously.  And now you can swank for less with a discount code.  You can thank me later :)   Just punch in “Bower20″ at checkout.

Recently our air conditioner went out in our master bedroom.  The entire unit needs replaced and of course, it happened on a Friday afternoon.  That meant we had a very hot bedroom…and I’m not talking about “steamy”….I’m talking waking up in a puddle of sweat at night.  Yuck.  It was miserable.  Thankfully the boy’s rooms are on a different unit so they were nice and cool but Max was in our room and to avoid having him sweat with the oldies (see what I did there?!), we picked up our pillows and moved into the guest room till we get a new unit up and running.

Relocating into the guest bedroom was probably a good thing because it actually lit a little fire under my bum to get the space finished.  Each morning I sit in there and nurse and I look around.  All I think is “What is wrong with me?!  Why haven’t I hung artwork?  Am I nuts?  Who does all the hard stuff like repainting and installing a super cool accent wall and then doesn’t finish?!”  By the time I am done feeding Max, I am sick of myself.  And so this past week, I finally pulled the trigger.  Back in April I talked about the four things I wanted to do in this room…

  • Build shelves for prints (DONE!  See those here!)
  • Hang mirror
  • Build valance for window
  • Hang crap on walls

Not hard, right?!

You can see that the shallow shelves look great….

and this view of the room looks relatively finished…

But this side?  It needs some stuff on the walls.

and a new light so that this corner doesn’t become a black hole at night time.

The dresser mirror definitely needed to be hung.  Jeremy helped me and it was up in like two minutes.  I don’t know why I didn’t do that already! The rest of the creative process is always fun. It’s like creating a decorating mosh pit and jumping in…

I still haven’t tackled the valance….maybe this week….but on either side of the window, the walls were literally crying out for artwork.  Seriously.  Crying like a twenty year old contestant during an episode of Bachelors in Paradise.  I would cry too if I had a body like those girls.  tears. of. joy.  #thatshipsailed

The space needed some very simple updates and so I hopped on Lulu & Georgia’s site to get some items that I have been wanting for a while.  Now, the guest room has some awesome crap on the walls.  I did two mirrored thingies on one side of the window and some cute framed prints on the other side.

I am so glad that Anna Rifle did an Atlanta print.  She seriously could of done a close up print of the Georgia Peach and I would have bought it.  Framed butt in the guest room!  And I mixed up the frames so that it played off the gold DIY starburst mirror.  Also, if you haven’t jumped on the cactus trend yet…you are missing out!

When the box with a new lamp arrived, I immediately unpacked it and could be found cuddling it in the guest bed.  I couldn’t help it!  Curves like that call for kanoodling :)  Isn’t it cute with my little bulldog and one of my coveted Bower tins?

The other side of the dresser has a couple reading books, my little thrift store brass elephant, a vase with some faux florals and a framed picture with the wifi password.  I hate telling everybody our password.  No that’s a lie.  I always FORGET our password.  This way, it’s not my responsibility.  Nothing like passing the buck to a picture frame :)

The biggest splurge was the navy Trina Turk pillow….but dude, if you are gonna splurge, get a super beautiful pillow to pamper yourself your guests.  Navy is my new favorite color…ok ok….I have always been obsessed with navy….and it played so perfectly with the rice-bag pillow that I got for free from my mom and the chair I inherited from my grandma that I figure the overall cost of this little corner was still REALLY low.

Overall, I am amazed that the room went from this…

to this….

with just a little artwork and a couple new items.  I can’t wait to tackle that window treatment so that I can finally call this room finished!  Now go check out the new stuff at Lulu & Georgia (don’t forget your discount code) and get some pretties to finish your own spaces!

Barganier Masonry T2 Tumblr Feed via http://www.bowerpowerblog.com/2015/07/updating-our-guest-bedroom/
Barganier Masonry via http://barganiermasonry.tumblr.com/post/125435152144


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