New Rooms with Floor & Decor

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Floor & Decor.  All opinions are 100% my own.

If you are anything like me, then you binge watch Fixer Upper.  Preferably with a giant ice cold drink in hand.  And some sort of chocolately goodness in the other.  You are a hot sweaty hormonal mess who feels the need to exercise….so you sit down and watch TV till the feeling passes.  Oh wait…that’s just me.

But seriously….Fixer Upper….that Joanna Gaines is talented and she really knows her own style.  That’s cool….knowing yourself.  And I can pretty much guess what she is going to say now immediately after she walks into a room.  Hardwood floors.  Open that wall.  French doors.  New paint and tile.  It’s a sure fire recipe for homeowner satisfaction and she can cook it up with her eyes closed.

I say all that because I was recently approached by Floor & Decor and they are a mega-store of all things tile, stone and wood flooring.  Catch that?  Hardwood flooring.  They want to give you guys the great products that every DIYer needs….and I want to be here to provide the motivation to make your home GORGEOUS.  I think we all need a confidence boost that we can completely overhaul a room and do it well.  And I always say that the way I pick the right products is by photoshopping it first!

Everybody knows that when it comes to big DIY decisions, sometimes it’s best to see it first.  That’s right.  It’s the ultimate trigger-finger-puller (that’s a thing).  In order to give a few of you the motivation, I decided to rewind the hands of time and throw back to when I would photoshop rooms for readers.  This is how it works….two of you are going to be chosen for a free design mockup.  I need you to submit your high res photos of your indoor space to with the title “I NEED FLOOR & DECOR” and I will pick two peeps to give a photoshopped makeover.  If you ever wondered what your space would look like with new hardwoods or a new backsplash or a wood accent wall or a different stone surround….this is your chance!  Send me those pics and I will whip something up!  I’ll be your Joanna….one that eats way more carbs and has less gorgeous hair.

Wanna see how this photoshopping magic in action?  Okay.  I grabbed some photos of houses for sale online and I wanna show you the difference of how a little photoshopped flooring can make a space feel completely different.  Here’s the bedroom before with nice white carpet….

And here it is with yummy dark hardwoods.  See how it gives the space a completely different vibe?!

And here is a living room….pretty much no furniture and that builder basic wall color and carpet color with pink fireplace surround….

I removed the furniture and added in some light colored hardwood flooring….

Then I got frisky with the fireplace and gave it an updated stone surround….

You can paint the walls in photoshop too and the end result is something Sasha Fierce, right?!  This looks so much better to me.

The flooring and stone and paint color are all simple things to add to a room but in the end, they make the room feel so new!

LINKS:  Hardwood & Stone

I also tackled a kitchen…super boring before with basic laminate flooring…

I brought in engineered hardwoods and immediately the photo looks so much more rich!

I found a mosaic tile that I loved (of course it’s marble!) and popped it in as a backsplash…

Painted the walls and boom….that is one updated kitchen!

It’s amazing how the hardwood floors make those white cabinets look so fresh and clean and how the paint and backsplash actually give the space some personality and interest.

LINKS:  HardwoodTile

I also thought since I was shopping for these virtual homes, I would share some of the flooring I found that I LOVE.  Years ago the only trendy hardwoods were dark and rich….but now I think that anything goes!  I love seeing different styles and vibes and am constantly amazed how flooring can instantly change a room.

LINKS: tobacco trail, capri oak, timber click drift oak, vigo natural, mocha oak wire brushed, carbonized horizontal, timber click mocha oak, natural locking stranded

What kinda hardwoods are you digging these days?  Darks?  Mediums? Grays? Lights?  I love a dark hardwood that’s hand scraped and has a little variation in the color….it fits my lifestyle by hiding marks and dirt!  And don’t forget to send me those pictures!  I am not a designer but I truly do love photoshopping rooms!

Barganier Masonry T2 Tumblr Feed via
Barganier Masonry via


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