Jeremy Cooks

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Blue Apron.  All opinions are 100% mine.  Thank you for supporting the companies that we love and help keep this site free!  

Did you read that title?!  It’s basically Christmas, Easter, birthdays and Valentines Day all in one.  I would say Halloween but there were no costumes involved…unless you count the apron :)

So it is true.  Jeremy did indeed cook for me.  He’s not the most confident in the kitchen.   The whole story began when our Blue Apron box arrived.  I was really excited.  With a newborn in the mix, going out to eat just isn’t in the cards for us….so having a big refrigerated box of fresh ingredients delivered right to our doorstop was a real treat.  It meant that we would be eating REALLY good that night.  The other surprise is that Jeremy offered to cook one of the meals for us!

Pick the jaw up off the floor.  I know how shocking that statement is.  It falls somewhere in between “the moon has split in two” and “Kanye is BFFs with Taylor Swift”.  You pick which sentence is more surprising :)

The box has all the ingredients already in it and that made this whole adventure a whole lot less intimidating.  He turned some of these…

into this masterpiece….

Drooling, huh?!  Clean off the keyboard.  You don’t want to short circuit your computer and miss out on the rest of this post.

Here’s further proof that this actually happened….exhibit A:

Our funniest moment was when he said “What’s a zester?” followed by a five minute rummage of all the kitchen drawers.  Also, I will never forget his attempt to peel and cut an onion.  I was on the floor laughing.  He also cried at one point (granted it was from the onion but I like to think it was from pure cooking joy).

The meal he chose to prepare was a seared pork chop with baby sweet potato salad and it was SO good.  This was his first time cooking pork chops or sweet potatoes.  This particular meal only had six ingredients (I think that is why he chose it) and since Blue Apron provides directions with photos, I think it was far less intimidating.

I could get used to him cooking in the kitchen.  It was such a nice treat to just sit and nurse and watch him try something new!  Also…I am a bit more appreciative of what he goes through while I do the cooking.  Hungry boys are no joke!

Our final review of the meal was….perfection.  He doesn’t even usually eat sweat potatoes but he ate ALL of his that night.  I was really impressed too.  And I think he understands now why I always get frustrated when he doesn’t come right away when the food is hot.  It’s a lot of heart you are pouring into these meals and you are so excited to serve up the most delicious version!

And since I have talked about Blue Apron before (I can’t help it!  We love them!), I thought I would spice things up with an epic movie trailer about my bearded wonder….

You can never say that I don’t try to make food posts more exciting :)

The following night I cooked the catfish that came in the box and holy moly…it was so freaking good.  I am really starting to like fish thanks to Blue Apron.  That is coming from someone who has avoided aquatic meats for better part of MY ENTIRE LIFE.  But now I kinda love them.  That’s crazy.

Also…when your Blue Apron box comes and you unpack it….let the kids make veggie faces….it’s so much fun and keeps them busy while you chop :)

Some of you may be like me….you like good food…you like trying new things…and you like cooking but it’s hard with kids in the mix.  And you hate the drama of going out to eat.  We love eating out but honestly, the looks you get when the kid’s spaghetti is flying across the table is not worth it.  So this is kinda like the marriage of both worlds….I don’t have to go grocery shopping…I know all the ingredients will be delivered right to me (in the right proportions so I don’t have to brainstorm ways to not waste the leftover produce!) and the chef-created meals are fresh and delicious….I can let the kids play till dinner is served…and it’s gonna be something new and different and tasty!

If you are interested in Blue Apron and haven’t tried them yet…first check if they deliver to your area first (they deliver to 90% of the country!).  Here’s the link for delivery zones.  Shipping is free :)

Then pick your plan…they have two options….a two-person plan and the family plan.  The price is about $8.74 per meal ($69.92 for eight servings!).  You can skip or cancel the deliveries at any time.

Third thing…if you haven’t tried it before and would like to….they are offering the first 100 readers two meals free in your first Blue Apron order!  Here is the link.

And if you are a foodie, you have to try some of their other recipes….I can’t wait to make the Top Round Steaks with Arugula-Walnut Pesto and Panzanella.  That sounds like a real winner :)  Or this Tom Yum-Style Shrimp & Noodles….with yum in the title, you can’t go wrong.

So who is with me and votes that Jeremy should cook at least once a week?!  I totally think a man in the kitchen is the best kinda gift!  It’s easy on the eyes, it’s funny when they start crying (food for the soul!) and it’s delicious!  What are you eating tonight?!

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