The Fish Tank Aisle is GOLD

Can we just be friends?  Please?  Like the kinda friends that hang out with non-cute outfits and ponytails and that talk about how crazy long our leg hair is and how we hate/are totally jealous of those girls on instagram that wear white shorts like two weeks after giving birth?  Because that’s what I really want.  Also I think that we could totally disagree on political issues and then stuff our faces with Krispy Kreme donuts and make inappropriate thats-what-she-said-jokes at the grocery store (because friends obviously go grocery shopping together!) and it would still be the best day ever.  That’s also what I really want.  I don’t know if it’s because I am in that postpartum hermit mode and loving these newborn cuddles….but I miss people….I miss my friends.  We text and call and all that but honestly I a little social interaction…and a shower….I really need a shower.  ok.  vent over.  or closed.  I don’t know exactly how to end the venting….whats the correct terminology for that?

Anyhoo….I have a quick spray paint project I did that I know you are gonna love.  Our fish tank (it was Will’s birthday present) has some issues…algae issues…I clean it BY THE BOOK…and then literally five days later, it is gross again.  I even asked my mom to come over and help and she cleaned it herself and told me that I shouldn’t have this many issues….yet five days later….it was nastier than a hot tub filled with cow dung.  That’s maybe a little extreme…but you get my point.  So anyway…because of our tank issues, I am constantly at the pet store…and then I saw this little dude in the clearance section….

It’s a fish tank decoration…faux coral for your aquatic friends to hide and play and pretend to be human inside of.  And now it looks like this…

I gave it a couple thin coats of Rust-Oleum’s metallic gold spray paint and now it lives in my bedroom where I pretend to be a mermaid :)

Isn’t it great?!  And way cheaper than the ones they sell at the store (like this beauty from ZGallerie).  So next time you go pick up doggie kibble or kitty litter, check out the faux coral to see if it’s on sale.  This one was less than $4!  Happy Friday!

Barganier Masonry T2 Tumblr Feed via
Barganier Masonry via


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