The Big Boy Room Reveal

The big day is here and we are so excited to share the big boy’s room reveal!  As you may remember, we moved Weston in from his nursery and now he shares with his big brother Will.  Granted, having a two year old and a five year old in one room can be a little challenge design wise (You want a WHAT? on your walls?!?) but we really wanted to combine their personal things to make a room that reflected both of them and here is what we came up with!

They are in the bedroom at the end of the hall and over their door is a set of horns which I scored at the antique mall.  I like that they are a little masculine and feel like an introduction to their boy-space.  The rug in the hall is from Target.

Once you enter the room, the main eye-catcher is the oversized W that I made for Weston’s nursery.  Will was really excited that it was going to live in here now and represent both my W boys.  The striped fan makeover really was our starting block for this room….we started there and launched into the rest.

The rug is a navy and white flat weave that we originally bought for downstairs but we love it in this space (it photographs weird but trust me…the blues on the wall go well with the navy!).  Speaking of walls, I am still a huge fan of the ¾ look…or the 1/3 look….whatever…I am not good with math :)  The upper part we painted to match the white ceiling and the bottom is Martha Stewart’s Kerry Blue Terrier.  Here’s the post about how we did it.

As you can see, we hung two different pallet-crafts over the boy’s beds.  Over Will’s bed is the hand painted tiger and over Weston’s is the two-piece arrow art.  Will loves Tigers (it’s his ‘spirit animal’ of sorts) and eventually we would love to add a couple wall hooks and maybe a cool big-boy mobile over his bed.  Weston has the arrow because his name is directional (it literally means “the one from the west”) and he had arrows in his nursery so this totally fits.

On the other side of the room, we were all about storage.  We moved the white bookshelf that we had in my old office and put it in here to make the perfect spot for baskets and books.  Behind the little doors are a couple shelves with baskets for socks and bathing suits.  The baskets on the upper shelves hold accessories like hats and ties and belts.

I love the arrow art above the shelves.  I painted it a long time ago for Will’s nursery and it’s such a sweet little reminder that these boys are like arrows….we are gonna let them fly one day…shooting them into the world…and when that happens, I just pray that they are sharp and true and that they hit their marks!

On the other side is the boy’s clothing dresser and a fun gallery.  I call it the Big Boy Montage.  I took all the W’s and arrows out of Weston’s nursery and combined that with some of stuff that Will liked (his birthday sign was one of them) and of course…superhero stuff.  The dresser holds their seasonally appropriate clothing.  One side is Weston’s and the other is Will’s and they are all the same (bottom drawer left Weston….bottom drawer right Will) so that it makes putting stuff away easy!

Do you remember when Weston was Batman and Will was Spiderman for Halloween?  Yeah…that was the perfect picture for this space :)

The clock is from Target…it was really cheap.  The Captain America sign and the Spiderman sign were both from Hobby Lobby.  The arrow art I made, the camp Will sign I made, the fabric W I recovered but I think it was originally from Hobby Lobby and the other wood W was just a craft letter that I painted.  The Captain America shield/nightlight was a gift from Gramps & Grammy and they sell them at Target and Amazon.  And the owl art was actually a birthday gift from our friend Brook (the mom that currently lives in our basement!) on the day Will was born.  The green mirror was a thrift store find that I painted green and love it in here (I guess because it brings out the green in the boy’s bedding!).

Here are a few more detail shots…

Oh this is the door to the boy’s bathroom….yes, it’s still pink…but it has a Superman sign on it (Hobby Lobby) that I attached with velcro strips and that makes even the pinkest bathroom boy approved :)

I added the stripes to the back of the bookshelf and I love how it makes the whole thing feel different.

A lot of the boys accessories are not formulaic….just things collected over time….a Curious George piggy bank (that’s one of Weston’s favorites!) that we use to hold his “ball-balls” (golf balls)….a Charlie Brown dictionary that I snagged when my mom was cleaning house….a bible that got passed down to Weston when Will finished it and graduated to a bigger bible (we love this one by the way and recommend it for littlest ones).

The curtains were definitely a great deal (here’s the post about them) and I am jealous that the boy’s get such nice drapes (HA!).  It goes really well with the bedding…madras quilt and sham from Pottery Barn outlet.  And of course there is the bed and the tweaking that we did to it to create a more proper headboard.

Last but certainly not least is the boy’s storage cubbies.  I got it for a great price at the thrift store and then made some cute costume boxes for the base that hold all the boy’s capes and masks and various weaponry.  It’s been a great fit for them and they are more likely to clean up now that they know where all the costumes go!

So that is the tour of the Big Boy’s room!  I hope you like it as much as we do.  It’s really been so nice to knock one off the list (even if there are future tweaks to be made)!  Now onto finishing some of these other rooms…oy…so many rooms…so many diapers….so little time :)

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