What a fun week this is!  Seriously I needed to just post all these randoms together because each and every one of them are so fetch.  Your eyeballs and brains are gonna be so crazy happy.  I’m more serious than a heart attack….followed by seizure….followed by the birth of a baby….followed by Taylor Swift’s cat….and nothing is more serious than that cat.

Okay so first random….the Big Boy’s Room!  This week we are gonna share the final reveal and I am so excited to show ya some of those details.  We still have some little tweaks to do but I think overall…it’s camera ready.

Secondly….my friend Chelsea from the blog TwoTwentyOne asked me to talk to her and she was gonna record it for her podcast.  It’s CRA-ZAY-ON-CEY….just so you know that is pronounced like crazy and beyonce all in one word….I get credit if that goes viral.  It’s not super exciting…I tend to ramble when I am nervous and there isn’t anything soothing about talking to your computer while your kids are screaming.  But if you are bored…you can check it out here.

Speaking of blog friends….I know…I miss the blog too….

Guess who is coming out with their new book in like one month!?!?  It’s gonna be so crunk it isn’t even funny.  I got to see a sneak peek of the original draft and even that was amazing.  It’s so so so so so so good.  And they did a teaser because they wanted to share some love and tell ya what to expect in this new one and finally got the green light to share the sneak peek!  You can click HERE to preorder their book and also click here to see their Facebook page to see the quickie teaser.

While we are on the friends kick….I just want you to know that I love you guys.  I do.  Readers are my jam.  I know this sounds crazy but I love when you guys say hi in stores and supermarkets and while we are at the park.  It makes my whole freaking day.  That girl down in the picture below….her name is Karen and that is her adorable little family….well, she was one of those people.  She is a reader and in Target, she stepped away from her sister to say hello and say that she was a fan of the blog.  Fast forward a few years and she is a very dear friend now (love ya girlfriend!).  It’s crazy how that happens.  But I am so thankful for that awkward moment of introductions (her sister still teases us about it!) because Jeremy and I got to take over their deck and give them a whole new party space.  Thanks to Rust-Oleum we gave the entire thing an overhaul and it was a huge makeover that I can not WAIT to show you.  That is coming after the big boy’s room reveal!  I can’t wait to share the befores, the afters, and the crazy filming process.  Oh wait!  Didn’t I tell you?!  My main squeeze was the bearded wonder who is now a star in the making.  It’s gonna be so good!

Last but not least I gotta do a shout-out to everyone who is attending the Haven Bloggers Conference!  I am so jealous that you are gonna be there (err…here…since it is held in Atlanta)!  In the past, I tried my best to meet up and attend and even spoke one year…but this year I didn’t want to make any prior commitments (ya know…being due and all and now with a new little guy!) so I just want to send all my love and best wishes and hope that if you are attending that you raise a shrimp cocktail for me….and if you are a speaker, good luck and send me your notes :) ….and if you are a Haven Maven, mail me a swag bag!  No just kidding (unless you are gonna!).  Haven Mavens….hope you get just enough sleep to enjoy the whole event!  You all have a great time, mmmkay?!  So many side hugs and kisses.

Those are a whole bunch of randoms, no?!  Now to get that big boys room semi-vaccuumed for photos :)  Stay tuned!

Barganier Masonry T2 Tumblr Feed via http://www.bowerpowerblog.com/2015/07/randoms/
Barganier Masonry via http://barganiermasonry.tumblr.com/post/124050610189


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