Two Pallet Art Projects

Who is ready for some pallet projects?!

(jumps out of seat and runs toward Bob Barker while clapping enthusiastically)

Sorry….sometimes I pretend things are game-show-style….it gets me through the diaper changes and the endless loads of laundry.  You should try it.  Next time a kid is crying and your anxiety is going through the roof, just say “Oh Steve Harvey, you are so funny!  I am gonna go with private parts.”  Because let’s face the facts, the answer on Family Feud is “private parts”….every.  single.  time.  Those 100 perverts people interviewed are obsessed.

Anyhoo….today we are back on track to show you a couple pallet projects for the boy’s bedroom and then we got a final reveal next week!   Hoorah!  Hooray!

First pallet project….taking this oldie trash pallet and making it into a giant wall arrow….

A couple of you may know that the name Weston actually means “one from the west” and since his name is directional….I always think of arrows as his thing.  More specifically arrows that point to the left.  It reminds me of my little Munchkin.  He had arrows in his nursery but I really wanted a bigger arrow for over his big boy bed.  So the first thing we did to make one was have Jeremy take apart that piece of trash shown above with his sawzall.

Four of the pieces is all I needed.  I grabbed two skinny ones and two fat ones.

The skinny ones get cut to the same length and then one end is cut at a 45 degree angle.  The fat one is perfect for making the details.  I cut a triangle and then a ten inch long parallelogram.

I used a Kreg R3 to attach the pieces together.

Also…the boys built a boat out of the scrap wood in our garage.  I don’t know if that would get them to Florida like they intended but I’ve seen worse construction on Naked & Afraid :)

After it was all attached, I had my ‘deconstructed’ arrow.  It actually is two parts and together it makes the giant arrow.

We sanded the entire thing down and then stained it with Rust-Oleum’s Weathered Gray.  After that it got a couple coats of poly.

The final result was really cute, right!?  And see how it points to the left?  I know that left doesn’t always imply west but I can make believe it does.  It doesn’t take much to convince my simple mind :)

Moving right along to pallet project number two.

We got this bad boy and thought it was a cute little pallet because the boards were closer together and it was relatively small as far as pallets go.

I sanded the entire thing down and decided that I would make something for over Will’s bed (arrow over Westons, this over Will’s!).  I asked him what he thought I should make and he decided that he wanted a tiger.

I found a black and white picture illustration online and I just sketched out the face with pencil and filled it in with black paint.  It wasn’t anything perfect but monochromatic pictures are easier to use for this kind of project than dealing with shading and color matching.

Jeremy hung it by attaching it directly to the wall studs.  Will loves it.  He thinks tigers are his animal and I love that this one isn’t too intense or scary for him….just serious and thoughtful….just like my little first born :)

Tomorrow I plan on posting my pictures from fourth of July and then Monday we can do the boy’s room reveal (to be completely honest…it still has a few things I want to tweak but I can’t wait to show you the big picture!).  Hope you stay tuned and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

Barganier Masonry T2 Tumblr Feed via
Barganier Masonry via


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