The Interview

Last year I began a little tradition.  I started by writing down some questions and decided that I would ask these same questions each year to the boys.  Since Will is the only one that really answers questions right now (I mean, Weston would try but I’m pretty sure that he would answer all the questions with the same statement….monster trucks….enter engine noises here), this post has the interview questions and answers we have done last year and just this past week.

The funny thing is….I didn’t tell him last year’s answers.  I like that he was consistent on the playing football thing when he grows up and that he has no idea what Daddy does…I mean…Daddy does do those things but I am pretty sure nobody pays Jeremy to poop.  Also…hey Will….we live in Georgia :)  And he really REALLY wants to sell soda and cookies.  He tells me every time he sees soda cans or cookies….and he wants to invent a thing that shoots soda and cookies directly to people’s house.  I think if he could figure that one out, he might be a billionaire.  Just remember William….rich men take care of their mama.  Just saying…

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