Birth Announcements

A recap of our Fourth of July is coming….it’s for the grandparents and posterity sake.  Ya know….because one day I won’t remember 2015…it’ll be cataloged in my head as ‘the decade I didn’t sleep’.  Other sleepless moms won’t remember this year either.  It basically didn’t exist….ya know except for birthing babies.

So yesterday I spent about three hours trying to figure out which announcement I would order for Max and I thought it would be fun to share that today.  Also…I can’t just share a quarter of my boys birth announcements….so in true over-sharing fashion, here are all four boy’s birth announcements in chronological order.

Also…my boys are pretty much the most adorable kids I have ever seen.  That could be the hormones of a proud mama talking but I don’t think so :)

Will’s announcement was a postcard that I printed with VistaPrint.  I made it myself and just printed off 100 of them because the price was so stinking cheap.  I had to buy my own envelopes but in the end, the cost for that many was well worth it.  I sent them to every single person I knew.  I picked the picture because it was so cute of him and I really liked the open eye photos…..but it doesn’t look like Will to me now though….no freckles :(

Weston’s announcement was done by Tiny Prints and I loved the simplicity of it.  The price wasn’t as good as printing out a low-quality postcard but it did have envelopes and I only had to order 30 or so because I realized that most people aren’t as excited about my baby as me :)  Also…I went with this photo of Weston because he really was such a sweet sleepy infant….even if he didn’t look like an infant (SERIOUSLY WHY DO I KEEP POPPING OUT TODDLERS?!).  Again…doesn’t really look like my Weston now but I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles.

LJ had a completely different look to his announcement.  I wanted something more fun and artistic and reflected the style of ‘the times’…..watercolor and painterly style items were pretty hot in 2014 so this card spoke to me.  I ordered only twenty copies of his announcement (ten were free from a discount code) and I got it through Shutterfly.  It also came with envelopes and I think I just hand delivered the ones that I had for specific recipients.  I chose a black and white photo this time because the blanket he was on was brown and hunter green and it looked weird with the announcement colors.  I did like the photo but I wish this time I had picked something with his eyes open because his eyes really do define so much of his facial character.  Oh well.

Okay!  On to the main event!

My main man Max has a very fun announcement complete with polka dots and splashed with green!  I did the same thing with Shutterfly (order twenty copies, ten free with a discount code) and plan on mailing out the ones for far away family and hand deliver the others.  The only thing I did differently this time was put a Bible verse on the back.  I used Colossians 3:12-14.  It’s something I will probably need to remind the boys when they get bigger :)

The only bummer about his announcement is that I couldn’t fit the boy’s names on the part where it said “love,….”  I guess our family has too many kids now.

Also…you can see I picked an ‘awake’ photo that I took out in the woods….I guess time will only tell if I picked one that looks like the future Max.

So how do you order your announcements?  Do you use a specific site or etsy seller or make your own?  Do you mail or hand deliver?  I found out our magic number is right at 20 (that covers family and a few friends, one for Dr. Tate, one for me and one for the baby book)….how many do you order?  Do you just order ones you like style wise or try to use a specific picture or what?  This might be the most important discussion of my day….spare me no details :)

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Barganier Masonry via


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