Adding a Headboard to the Headboard

I am a big believer that you should never tackle a project unless it solves a problem.  Seriously.  I am lazy like that.  And yes, sometimes the problem is that you are bored and your project fills that craving for creativity….unless you have four kids and then, you are probably thinking WHATEVER MY PROJECT IS A NAP.

Preach my friend.  Preach.  Naps are my version of a date night.  Complete with Barry White music.  (I almost typed Barry Manilow there….totally different vibe.  Definitely not nap music.)

Okay….so if you recall, we constructed the beds for the boys a while back.  Click here to read that old post.  They were originally bunk beds that we found in the trash and needed some tweaking to make functional.  The problem with bunk beds is that the headboard and the footboard are usually the same height.  We even added “finials” to the headboard portion of the boys bed but as you can see below…their pillows could go right over the top of the headboard rail.  I wanted a proper headboard so that they didn’t find themselves pushing against the window or falling off the end.

I figured that a 3/4″ thick piece of plywood would solve that problem.  We bought one sheet of 4×8 plywood and decided on a simple design that we could add to the existing headboard to make it more ‘headboardy’.   That is a legit word.  It’s too legit to quit.  yay.  yay.

I started by measuring and marking the height and width I needed.

Then to make it a smidge more interesting than just square, I decided to do a round cut out on both corners.  That was achieved by marking 10″ over and 10″ down from each corner….then I used a rounded pot to make the curve.

Cutting them out was super simple.

I wish I was better with the jigsaw.  I think I might practice on some scraps and do some fun designs.

Anyhooo….I cut out the boards and then sanded them lightly.

Since this was plywood, it was important to use edge banding to make it look like a solid piece of wood.  We have an old iron that we use for this type of thing but if you don’t have one, I would definitely suggest using a piece of parchment paper to protect your iron.

After the edge banding was on the exposed edges, I sanded them all down really well (that is the key to edge banding….a good sanding to blend it in) and prepped the boards for paint.

I wasn’t in the mood to repaint the entire beds so I decided that I would just use the same paint that I used for the rest of them to make the headboards look like they had been there all along.

The color is Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.

Okay…so I had the paint can on the edge of my makeshift workspace….just like this….

And Weston walks over, moves the brush off and takes the entire paint can and dumps it on his chest.  I’m not even kidding.  It was like a game to him.  He dumped it right smack dab in the center of his plaid overalls (it was a very cute outfit by the way) and it poured down his front into a giant puddle and he started smearing it around with his foot.  Paint problems for the boys room = 2.

Next came installation.  Since the existing headboards already had a brace across the back, we decided that the best way to attach the new headboards would be screwing them directly into the existing brace.

The boys had wrestle mania while daddy worked.

Poor LJ.  Weston is constantly trying to sit on his head.

Jeremy used a couple dark screws and it was super simple.

They are low enough and dark enough that you can’t really see them at all unless you are really close.

Oh and I wanted to show you the edge banding all painted up.  Looks good right!?

So here is the finished product.  Totally high enough to act like a real headboard but looks like it’s been there all along because of the color and the round corner cut outs.

Oh and just so you can see what it looks like ‘in-use’….here is a picture of how high it looks when the pillows are in normal sleep mode….or when tummy time is in session :)

So there you have it…the new boys headboards.  The best part is that if we change our minds or the boys want bunk beds down the line, we can remove the four screws and stack them back up.  Easy peasy!

Barganier Masonry T2 Tumblr Feed via
Barganier Masonry via

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